Dean of Students

Student Conduct

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs maintains the IU Columbus community standards by helping students, faculty, and staff report any all situations of misconduct.

Specifically, she oversees the process for Admissions Clearances, manages the adjudication of all student conduct cases, and chairs the IU Columbus Behavioral Consultation Team. 

In the noble pursuit of Scholarship and Lifetime Learning, the students, faculty, and staff of the IU Columbus Community maintain a commitment to our Shared Values & Beliefs.

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration & Innovation
  • Respect
  • Honesty & Integrity

Bias Incident Reporting

Indiana University wants to be a place where all students, faculty, and staff feel safe to engage on our campuses. IU Columbus encourages every member of our Crimson Pride to report their experiences of bias-based treatment. If you choose not to do so, your privacy will be respected.

What is a Bias-based Incident?

Any act of discrimination or harassment based on:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability

What is the Purpose of Reporting Bias Incidents?

  1. To document bias-based incidents on campus in order to better understand the reality of discrimination in the IU community.
  2. To assist and help provide resolution to bias-based incidents for those who request a response.
IU Columbus is committed to creating welcoming, inclusive, and respectful campus communities where everyone can thrive and do their best work—a place where all are treated with civility and respect. If you experience, witness, or are aware of a bias incident, report it. Reporting an incident allows us to support those impacted and take steps to prevent future incidents. Learn more or report a bias incident.

Student Grievances

IU Columbus’s associate dean for student affairs can serve as a neutral, impartial staff member who can assist with the resolution of problems and disputes. One of her more important responsibilities is providing confidential and informal assistance to students, faculty, and staff.