Start Your Journey

We welcome students and visitors from around the world! If you will apply to IU Columbus on a nonimmigrant student visa, follow the application steps below.

If you are a U.S. citizen, a U.S. permanent resident, or a refugee living in the U.S., you will apply as a undergraduate or graduate student.

We can assist you with the admissions process if you:

  • Are a visa holder (H, L, J, F, etc.)

  • Have academic transcripts from outside of the U.S.

As a prospective international student, your contact is Jayne Morris. Contact her with any of your questions!

Know Your Applicant Type

Apply as an undergraduate student if you have never attended or completed college or university before. You must earn a diploma from an accredited high school or equivalent before enrolling at IU Columbus.
Apply as a graduate student if you have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from the U.S. or another country before you enroll at IU Columbus, and if you are wanting to pursue one of our master's programs.

How to Apply - Graduate

The information below walks you through everything you should know in order to successfully apply for admission to IU Columbus as a graduate student.

Your first step is to talk to the academic department that offers your program. You will want to check their admission standards and deadlines before you start the application process.

There are several steps you’ll take to complete your application for admission. We cannot process your application until we have received all your application materials, so be sure to submit everything as soon as possible. If your application is incomplete, it will delay the review process.

1. Complete and submit the IU Columbus Graduate Application

The application includes a $70 application fee. The application fee is non-refundable and is payable by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

2. Submit any additional required documentation

You will need to submit your supporting documents via email to You will receive a confirmation email within five business days.

Documents required by your degree program

2a. Official academic records

You must submit full and complete academic records from every university/post-secondary institution you have attended. Your records should also include any coursework currently in progress. Failure to submit all academic documents will result in the automatic withdrawal of your application. 

If your school is from one of these countries and the school issued the official transcript in English, then submit the English copies. If your original academic records are not issued in English, submit both the copies of your original records in the native language and copies that have been translated into English by an official translation agency. 

While an electronic of your records can be accepted to make an admission decision, once you are admitted you will be required to submit the official, original records in order to verify their authenticity. All documents submitted become the property of IU Columbus.

Transcript evaluations by Credential Evaluation agencies are NOT necessary.

2b. Proof of English proficiency

If you are a non-native speaker, please review our graduate standards for our English proficiency requirements.

If you are a Native Speaker of English and a citizen from a country listed below, you do not need to complete this step.  

  • Citizen of a country where English is the predominant native language
  • Citizen of a country recognized by IU Indianapolis for TOEFL exemption

2c. Test scores

Your degree program may require one or more of the following tests. Minimum scores required vary and are determined by the graduate program.

For all required tests (including TOEFL), you must request that the testing agencies send official score reports to IU Columbus. You may also wish to submit photocopies of your test results to ensure receipt of scores.

  • GRE: Many graduate studies committees require that you take the Graduate Record Examination General (GRE) Test. Check with the committee for more information. All fellowship applicants are required to take the GRE.
  • GMAT: Graduate programs in Business and Accounting require that you take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

2d. Letters of recommendation

Graduate applicants typically need letter(s) of recommendation. Check with your program about any specific requirements for recommendation letters.

Documents required by international admissions

2e. Academic records

These will be the same records you sent to your department for the initial review.

2f. Proof of English proficiency

These will be the same as what you sent to your department for the initial review.

2g. Financial documentation (for Visa purposes)

Since you will need a student visa in order to enroll at IU Columbus, you must submit financial documentation verifying your ability to pay your tuition and living expenses for up to one year.

2f. Clarification of present Visa status

We want to make sure that we issue you the correct immigration documentation.

If you are currently in the US, it’s important that you complete the “Submit Clarification of your Present Visa Status” form on Atlas.  You will be asked to submit copies of your current I-20, I-94, or any other immigration documentation you may have. 

This step is especially important if you currently hold an F-1 student visa and will need us to transfer your current SEVIS record to IU Columbus.

2g. Copy of your Passport ID page

In order to make sure we have the correct spelling and format of your name on any immigration documentation we issue you, please complete the “Submit a copy of your Passport ID Page” form on Atlas.

When your file is complete, your program’s graduate committee reviews your application and makes its decision. You will learn the admission decision directly from the program office. 

If you want to know the status of your application at this step, check with your department.

Submit additional documents for OIA final review

If the graduate department has made a decision to admit you to their program, then the Office of International Admissions (OIA) carries out a second review to finalize the admission.

You will receive an email from that has instructions about how to submit your final documents. You will submit them electronically through Atlas, our online portal for international students. You will have to supply the original documents before you enroll.

At this step, you can also log into Atlas to see your next steps and see which documents have been reviewed and accepted. Our international admissions team will contact you if there are any questions about your documents.

Receive an admissions letter from OIA

After you submit your final supporting documents and we conduct a final review of your application, we will notify you via a letter. You will be able to access the letter about your admission status in Atlas.

If your government requires academic admission before you can get your other required documents (such as your financial documentation), you can use your admission letter to get those documents.

Be sure to check your email on a regular basis. We will email you if we need any additional documentation or if we have any other instructions for you.

The Office of International Admissions (OIA) sends out the official admission package that contains information about your arrival, program costs, and immigration documents to secure your non-immigrant student visa (F1/J1).