Start There, Finish Here

If you've started at another IU campus but want to finish or take classes at IU Columbus, you can easily do so! Review our application process below carefully as there are two different intercampus transfer application processes.

Are you an intercampus transfer?

Intercampus transfer applicants are defined as students who currently are taking or have taken courses at an IU campus besides IU Columbus. If you are unsure as to whether you should apply as an intercampus transfer use our find my applicant tool to confirm.

As a prospective intercampus transfer student, your admissions counselor is Drhea Emberton. Contact her with any of your questions.

Permanent Intercampus

If you are currently enrolled or have ever enrolled at an IU campus besides Columbus, and want to transfer to IU Columbus for an extended period of time to work on your degree, you should submit the permanent intercampus transfer application. 

To be eligible you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the IU campus where you have attended and must have completed at least 12 credit hours at an IU campus.

Follow the steps in the "How to Apply" section.

Temporary Intercampus

If you are currently enrolled at another IU campus and wish to transfer to Columbus for a single semester, you should submit the temporary intercampus transfer application.

To be eligible you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the IU campus where you are currently attending.

If accepted, the Office of Registrar Services will send an email to your IU email account.

Temporary intercampus application

How to Apply

If you plan to apply as a permanent intercampus transfer, please follow the steps below. If you plan to apply as a temporary intercampus transfer, please apply using the link above. 

Before you begin the application process, there are a few things you should do to prepare yourself.

1. Know important deadlines

Apply for admission as early as possible. Applications are processed as they are received. Please allow three weeks for processing after all materials are submitted. For priority admission consideration, please submit your application and all additional materials by these dates:

  • Fall semester: July 15

  • Spring semester: December 15

  • Summer session I: April 1

  • Summer session II: May 15

2. Review admission standards

Students must have a minimum college cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale before applying.

Your high school transcript and test scores will be reviewed as part of the admission process if you have completed fewer than 26 semester hours (or 39 quarter hours) of college coursework. In general, if your high school record does not meet our freshman admission standards, you will not be considered for admission as a transfer student until you have completed at least 26 semester hours (or 39 quarter hours) of transferable academic work at another institution.

3. Research academic programs

We recommend you learn about the IU Columbus academic programs so you can better complete the "Academic Goals" section of our application. Exploring our majors will give you a better idea as to what we offer and if we offer the major you are interested in.

Degrees & majors

4. Learn about costs and financial assistance

We offer one of the state’s most affordable educational values and our banded tuition helps keep you on track to graduate in four years or less. Use our helpful tool to estimate the costs associated with attending IU Columbus

Cost calculator

You have many options when it comes to finding financial aid to pay for college. Before you get too far along in the college admissions process, make sure you understand the types of aid available to you.

Financial aid

The steps to apply as a returning student are easy! However, we cannot process your application until we have received all your application materials, so be sure to submit everything as soon as possible. If your application is incomplete, it will delay the review process.

1. Complete and submit the IU Shared Application

Applying to IU Columbus is free! If you have questions while submitting your application, please email

Be sure to indicate you have previously attended and IU campus on the application within the "Academic Info" tab. 

2. Submit any additional required documentation

You will be required to submit an official college transcript from any college or university you've attended since last attending an IU campus. You will not need to send your IU transcript as we will already have access to it. For any transcripts we request of you, you must contact the school and request your transcript be sent to IU Columbus.

  • For Electronic Delivery (preferred method): Please have each transcript sent to the following email address –
  • For Mail Delivery: Please have transcripts mailed to the following mailing address – 
    IU Columbus
    ATTN: Office of Admissions
    4601 Central Avenue
    Columbus, IN 47203

Once your file is complete and a decision has been made you will receive notification via email and/or US mail.

Here are a couple things you can do while you wait for an admissions decision!

1. Make changes to your application

To make changes to your submitted application, please email and the changes you need made. An admissions staff member will respond with any additional steps we need you to take.

2. Check the status of your application

If you would like to get a status update of your application, please call the Office of Admissions at (812) 348-7390 or email

3. Apply for financial aid

If you haven't filed a FAFSA yet, now is a great time. You will need to file a FAFSA each year you wish to receive aid. The IU Columbus FAFSA federal school code is E01033.

4. Meet your admissions counselor

To get all your questions answered and to learn more about IU Columbus, we recommend you schedule a time to meet with your admissions counselor.

5. Cancel your application

If you wish to cancel your application for any reason, please call the Office of Admissions at (812) 348-7390 or email and include your name and date of birth. 

If you have already registered for courses and no longer wish to attend IU Columbus, you will need to follow the steps on the Office of Registrar’s website to withdraw and avoid any fees or tuition charges.