Late Drop/Add

Consider searching for second eight-week classes and other classes that have not yet started. Instructors may not approve your add request if you’ve missed too much of the semester.

You’ll get a “W” (withdrawn) on your transcript for any class you drop. Note that if your instructor gives you an F because you were found to have committed an act of academic misconduct, you’ll still get that F rather than an automatic W even if you withdraw before the automatic W deadline. Withdrawing from a class doesn’t protect you from the consequences of academic misconduct.

If you want to drop all your classes, you’ll need to withdraw from the university.

After the automatic W deadline only drops with documentable serious, extenuating circumstances will be routed to instructors.  Once documentation is submitted to the Registrar’s office it will be up to your instructor to give you either a W or an F.  You must be passing the course at the time of the drop for a grade of W to be assigned.    

Examples of serious, extenuating circumstances include:

  • Medical/hospital stay,
  • Accident,
  • Incarceration,
  • Psychological/emotional issues,
  • Death of family or friend,
  • Eviction/homelessness,
  • Issues with a class/faculty (this has to be a well-documented situation through the IUPUC Dean of Students),
  • Other major life event that severely impacts the student/family.

Examples of documentation include:

  • Doctor’s note on letterhead indicating that you are unable to complete the semester due to medical/psychological issues (include dates),
  • Hospital admittance papers,
  • Legal documents (i.e. police reports, eviction notice),
  • Obituary in the paper/funeral home site,
  • Counseling services or CAPS,
  • Other official documentation not listed above

Approval to drop a class after the last day to drop a course is normally given only for urgent reasons, such as a long illness or similar issue. Talk to your instructors and your advisor as soon as possible if something happens in your life that could keep you from successfully completing your courses late in the term. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Options to consider before dropping classes

  • Review the class syllabus to figure out what your final grade could be.
  • Meet with your instructor to learn what you can do to improve your grade.
  • Manage your time to focus on the classes, assignments, and exams that will help your progress the most. Ask your instructors and advisor for help setting priorities.
  • Talk to your instructor about the possibility of an incomplete, if you have completed 75 percent of the coursework. (Be aware that an incomplete is almost never possible if you’ve taken the final exam.)
  • Consider retaking the class in the future.
  • Consider dropping all classes, which is possible through the Friday before final exam week.