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Summer Success is an opportunity to receive personalized assistance as you sharpen your math skills and work to improve your ALEKS Math Placement Assessment score. Together with your instructor, you will set a goal based on your individual needs and degree requirements. This free program can help you save time and money by refreshing your math knowledge to test out of lower-level courses that won’t count towards your degree!

Summer Success is an in-person program, and when you register you will choose between a morning session from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and an afternoon session from 1 - 4 p.m.. You’ll attend your chosen session daily on campus to keep what you’ve learned fresh until you achieve your goal.

Summer Success 2024 will be held July 1-19.

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Summer Success programming includes:

  • Access to the online ALEKS learning platform where students will have the opportunity to practice algebra skills
  • A math instructor who will provide face-to-face instruction in a small group setting on key algebra topics as well as help students with note-taking and study skills
  • A student math mentor who will assist with practice problems and provide insight into how to succeed in a college math course

Who should participate in Summer Success?

Summer Success is for anyone who aims to improve their ALEKS Math Placement Exam score, which means it is for everyone! 

If you did not take math classes during your senior year in high school, we strongly recommend you participate in Summer Success. It’s been a while since your last math class, but Summer Success can help you recover your lost knowledge.

Your academic advisor may recommend Summer Success to help you place into the math course that is the best fit for you. 

Some students will be required to attend Summer Success. Your University College welcome letter will let you know if the program is required for you, or you can contact us at or (812) 348-7200.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Summer Success is an intensive program, and attending daily sessions means the math knowledge you’ve gained is fresh in your memory when you are ready to reassess your math placement with ALEKS. It is important that you commit to your success by attending daily until you meet your goal.

To change your choice of morning or afternoon session before Summer Success begins, contact University College at (812) 348.7200 or email

After Summer Success sessions begin, you must attend the same session for the duration of your program.

If you are required to attend Summer Success but feel that you do not need to improve your ALEKS score, talk to your academic advisor. Your academic advisor can help you determine whether you should work to improve your score based on your degree pathway and the course you have tested into.


If your schedule conflicts with Summer Success session dates, contact the program coordinator:

Andrea Gillett, M. S.

Questions? We have answers!

Do you have questions about Summer Success? Get in touch with the program coordinator.


Andrea Gillett, M. S.

Mathematics Program Coordinator