ALEKS Placement Exam

Scheduling your assessment

The average completion time for an ALEKS assessment is 90 minutes, but it can take up to three hours. Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to achieve your best score. 

Schedule your ALEKS Math Placement Exam

Frequently asked questions

  • ALEKS is not a traditional exam; it is a tool to help you find the math course where you have the best chance for academic success based on your existing knowledge and skills.
  • ALEKS assessments are taken in-person using a provided desktop on the IU Columbus campus, and are proctored by an IU Columbus staff member.
  • Rather than multiple-choice questions, ALEKS participants complete a series of free-response questions.
  • Before your initial assessment, ALEKS will provide you with a quick tutorial on how to use the system, including entering your answers, using the graphing tool, and using the calculator provided.
  • There is no time limit for the initial assessment, but the average completion time is approximately 90 minutes.
  • When finished, you will see a summary page of your assessment, including a pie chart with your results. Because your results are available immediately, you can make an appointment with your academic advisor for after your assessment to discuss your score.

You do not have to prepare before taking your first ALEKS assessment, but you should take the test seriously as it will determine your placement in IU Columbus math courses.

To prepare for your second assessment, you must complete at least one three-hour ALEKS learning module.

For ALEKS to be effective, you must do the exam on your own, without notes, books, or help from others.

  • Please bring a valid photo ID. Visit the testing center guidelines page to learn about what kind of IDs are accepted by the testing center.
  • Pencils and scratch paper will be provided.
  • An online calculator will be available through ALEKS. You may not use a physical calculator during your assessment.

After your the initial assessment, you will see a detailed pie chart of your topic mastery called "MyPie." Choose "More Detailed Report" to see your percentage score. 

  • If you're satisfied with your placement: Meeting the cut-off score for your courses is a great starting point, but it does not guarantee your academic success. You are more likely to succeed if you are fully proficient in the skills corresponding to your "MyPie" wedges. Using the learning modules will make you more likely to succeed, saving you time, money, and ensuring long-term academic success.
  • If you're not satisfied with your placement: Use the online learning modules to review the skills corresponding to your "MyPie" wedges. The modules are a great way to refresh and practice skills related to math topics you've previously studied but need to brush up on. If most of the topics seem like new material, however, register for the course you placed into to learn those topics in the classroom.

Check the chart below to see which course[s] your advisor may place you in based on your ALEKS results.

Score (%)Score Range (%) Course Placement
< 240-24Too low for IU Columbus mathematics course. You are strongly encouraged to practice in the ALEKS modules and reassess. You can also register for Summer Success, a free program designed to help you improve your ALEKS score. You also have the option to register for MATH 100. Discuss your options with your academic advisor.
≥ 2525-49MATH 11000 (MATH 11000 may be used as a prerequisite for MATH 11100)
≥ 3535-49MATH 11100
≥ 5050-64MATH 15300/M118/M119/13000/13600, STAT 30100 or MATH 11000/11100
≥ 6565-79MATH 15300/15400/15900/M118/M119/13000/136000, STAT 30100 or MATH 11000/11100
≥ 8080-100MATH 16500/22100/17100/M118/M119/1300/13600, STAT 30100 or MATH 11000/11100/15300/15400/15900

ALEKS scores are valid for one year. After a year, you will need to take another assessment to see where your math skills may have waned. If you've lost some of your previous math knowledge, that's okay! Scroll down to learn how ALEKS learning modules can help you repair forgotten math skills.

Learning modules and reassessments

After your initial assessment, use the online self-guided ALEKS learning modules to refresh your knowledge and practice specific skills unique to your results. Begin the learning modules immediately after the initial assessment. You have six weeks to utilize the learning modules and may complete up to four reassessments to improve your results.

Tips for using the ALEKS learning modules

Why use learning modules?

It's probably been a while since you learned some of the math skills you'll need to use for your ALEKS exam, and that's okay! Your initial assessment will help you find the gaps in your knowledge, and the goal of the ALEKS learning modules is to refresh your memory and help you repair skills that may seem lost.

By using learning modules, you can potentially save yourself money by testing out of lower-level math courses that may not count toward your degree. On average, students who studied for six hours in the learning module increased their placement by at least one course. That means ALEKS can also save you time: six hours of study could help you test out of a semester-long class.

Need some help?

Summer Success is a free program designed to help you improve your ALEKS math placement score by working through your learning modules with an experienced math instructor and student tutor in a classroom setting where you can receive individualized assistance. 

If you're having trouble working through your modules on your own, let us help!

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