Audit a Class

Take a class without affecting your GPA

Interested in a class, but don’t want to worry about how it’ll affect your GPA? You can take the class for no credit, which is known as auditing a class. Audited classes aren’t counted as completed academic credit and don’t count toward certification. They’ll be listed on your grade report and on your transcript as “NC” (no credit). You won’t receive a grade for classes you audit. Please note: you pay standard tuition and fees for courses you audit.

Why audit a class?

There are several reasons you might choose to audit a class:

  • You’re interested in a subject, but you want to study it without worrying about being graded on your performance.

  • You’d like to study a subject that will help your grade in a different, related class.

  • You’re thinking about changing your major, but want to make sure the new major will be right for you.

If auditing isn’t quite the right choice, you might consider taking a class pass/fail.