Enrollment Verification & Attendance

Do your instructors know you're there?

Beginning the second week of the term, your instructors will check to make sure their attendance records match the lists of students officially registered for their classes. You’ll want to make sure your attendance is being reported correctly on your performance roster.

Log into One.IU and go to View Grades to check your performance roster for each of your classes. Below your grades on the “Official Grades” tab, you’ll see the attendance information your instructors are reporting.

What to do if your attendance report is wrong

Sometimes your attendance report may be different from your actual attendance. If any of the following situations apply to you, read on to find out how to handle them.

If you’ve been attending class and completing coursework but your attendance report states that you haven’t been attending, talk with your instructor. You may have been accidentally reported as not attending.

If you haven’t been attending a class that you’re enrolled in, but you plan to complete the course, ask your instructor what you should do.

If you’ve been showing up to class and doing coursework but your attendance report says you aren’t enrolled, review your class schedule. If it turns out you really aren’t enrolled, find out if you can add the class.

If you’re attending a course to remove an Incomplete, remind your instructor of your status.