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Whatever your background, whatever you want to accomplish, and however you want to do it, IU Columbus is eager to help you! We are ready to help guide you into your first university experience.

Are you a freshman applicant?

Freshman applicants are defined as students who will graduate high school during the current school year or have already graduated from high school, have earned a GED or high school equivalency diploma, or have taken no more than 12 hours of college credit. If you're unsure as to whether you should apply as a freshman student use our find my applicant type tool to confirm.

Photo of Sandy Almendares Monge

As a prospective freshman student from Bartholomew, Jackson, lower Johnson, and Shelby counties your admissions counselor is Sandy Almendares Monge.

As a prospective freshman student from Brown, Decatur, Franklin, Jennings, upper Johnson and Ripley counties, or if you are out-of-state, your admissions counselor is Samantha Francis.

How to Apply

The information below walks you through everything you should know in order to successfully apply for admission to IU Columbus

Before you begin the application process, there are a few things you should do to prepare yourself.

1. Know important deadlines

Apply for admission as early as possible. Applications are processed as they are received. Please allow three weeks for processing after all materials are submitted. For priority admission consideration, please submit your application, SAT and/or ACT scores, and all transcripts by these dates:

  • Fall semester: July 15

  • Spring semester: December 15

  • Summer session I: April 1

  • Summer session II: May 15

2. Review admission standards

We consider factors that emphasize academic performance and preparation, as demonstrated by the level and rigor of your coursework, the individual grades and cumulative GPA you have earned through these courses, and your SAT and/or ACT scores.

High school students may be eligible for admission to IU Columbus if they have:

  • a 2.0 GPA or higher
  • an SAT score of at least 930
  • an ACT score of at least 18

Diploma requirements

  • Students must either earn a diploma from an accredited high school OR pass a high school equivalency exam such as the GED test. 

  • If you are homeschooled or attend an alternative school, you must provide credentials that show equivalent levels of achievement and ability.

Grade trends

  • If your grades are consistently above average or show steady improvement in a challenging academic program, you’re the kind of freshman applicant we are looking for!

3. Research academic programs

We recommend you learn about IU Columbus' academic programs so you can better complete the "Academic Goals" section of our application. Exploring our majors will give you a better idea as to what we offer and if we offer the major you are interested in.

If we do not offer the full major you plan to study, you can always start at IU Columbus and then transfer to another insitution such as IU Indianapolis.

Degrees & majors

4. Learn about costs and financial assistance

We offer one of the state’s most affordable educational values and our banded tuition helps keep you on track to graduate in four years or less. Use our helpful tool to estimate the costs associated with attending IU Columbus

Cost calculator

High school seniors who are near graduation may be eligible for automatic scholarships from IU Columbus. Each year, we award a variety of admission-based scholarships to students based on their academic achievement. To be considered, you must be fully admitted to IU Columbus by February 15.


You have many options when it comes to finding financial aid to pay for college. Before you get too far along in the college admissions process, make sure you understand the types of aid available to you.

Financial aid

There are several steps you’ll take to complete your application for admission. We cannot process your application until we have received all your application materials, so be sure to submit everything as soon as possible. If your application is incomplete, it will delay the review process.

1. Complete and submit the IU Shared Application

Applying to IU Columbus is free! If you have questions while completing your application, please email

2. Submit any additional required documentation

You will be required to submit an official high school transcript. For any transcripts we request of you, you must contact the school and request your transcript be sent to IU Columbus or you can order your transcript from Parchment Exchange™ at

  • For Electronic Delivery (preferred method): Please have each transcript sent to the following email address –
  • For Mail Delivery: Please have transcripts mailed to the following mailing address – 
    IU Columbus
    ATTN: Office of Admissions
    4601 Central Avenue
    Columbus, IN 47203

In addition to the transcript we will need your SAT and/or ACT test scores if they are not already listed on your official high school transcript. Be sure to send all scores as we superscore. 

  • IU Columbus'SAT code: 4216
  • IU Columbus'ACT code: 6732

Once your file is complete and a decision has been made you will receive notification via email and/or US mail. 


Homeschool Students:

We realize the transcripts of homeschooled students may be different from those of traditional high school students. Regardless of format, your transcript should include:

  • All courses taken, including those in progress, and the academic year and semester in which each was taken
  • Assessment of performance (letter grades, percentages, portfolio commentary, etc.) and an explanation of any applicable grading scales

In some cases, you may be asked to submit additional information describing your curriculum, such as detailed course descriptions and texts used. If you have completed coursework concurrently at a high school or college, please send official transcript(s) from the institution(s).

Here are a couple things you can do while you wait for an admissions decision!

1. Make changes to your application

To make changes to your submitted application, please email and the changes you need made. An admissions staff member will respond with any additional steps we need you to take.

2. Check the status of your application

If you would like to get a status update of your application, please call the Office of Admissions at (812) 348-7390 or email

3. Apply for financial aid

If you haven't filed a FAFSA yet, now is a great time. You will need to file a FAFSA each year you wish to receive aid. IU Columbus' FAFSA federal school code is E01033.

4. Meet your admissions counselor

To get all your questions answered and to learn more about IU Columbus', we recommend you schedule a time to meet with your admissions counselor.

Our counselors travel to surrounding high schools both in the fall and spring semesters. Find out when they will be at your high school and meet up with them. 

5. Cancel your application

If you wish to cancel your application for any reason, please call the Office of Admissions at (812) 348-7390 or email and include your name and date of birth. 

If you have already registered for courses and no longer wish to attend IU Columbus, you will need to follow the steps on the Office of Registrar’s website to withdraw and avoid any fees or tuition charges.

Have questions? Our staff members are here to help! Contact your admissions counselor with any questions you have.

After Admission

No matter what time of year you're admitted there are always steps you can take to prepare for your first semester of college. Our University College (UCOL) offices begins to send students who plan to start college in the fall their Welcome Packet in February. This packet lists all the next steps for enrollment including; placement testing, academic advising, and orientation and is different than your Acceptance Packet. While you wait for your Welcome Packet, here are a few checklist items you can work on to begin your life changing journey at IU Columbus.

Next steps