Test Optional Admission

About test-optional admission

Research has shown that for many students, high school GPA provides the best prediction of academic success in college. Additionally, for some students, a standardized test score may not reveal a student’s full potential – this change of policy will allow students to choose what best represents their past academic success and future potential. By adopting a test-optional policy, IU Columbus is expanding access to the university and the opportunities an IU degree offers. The integrity of our academic excellence will remain unchanged.

What this means for you

Our goal is to help you make the best decision about your college career. We have taken years of data regarding student success rates based on GPA and standardized test scores to create a standard success benchmark that is used for initial admission decisions.

For those students who do not meet that initial standard, we have implemented a holistic review process that examines a number of other success factors such as the type of high school diploma attained, performance in specific core classes, performance in dual-credit college classes, recommendations from counselors or teachers, and even in-person interviews if deemed necessary.

As you fill out your application through Apply IU, you will be asked by each campus to select whether you want that campus to consider your standardized test scores. It is your choice as to whether you submit them to IU Columbus or not.

It is important to note that although a test score is not required for admittance to IU Columbus, specific majors might require a test score for direct admittance into their programs, especially if you plan to transfer to another campus to complete a degree.

If you have questions, please contact the office of admissions via email at admissions@iupuc.edu or by phone/text at 812-348-7390.

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Scholarship consideration for incoming freshmen

Based on your high school GPA, you will be automatically considered for an IU Columbus admission-based scholarship for new freshmen, regardless of your test-submission status.

In addition to scholarships based on your admission, you should also explore competitive awards to help fund your education. When applying for competitive awards, it's important to submit your scholarship application early. November 15 is IU Columbus' deadline for maximum scholarship consideration.

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