Giving Options

Payroll Deduction

Your campaign contribution can be deducted automatically from your regular pay. Simply designate the amount to be contributed each pay period. The minimum amount is $5.00 per pay for a minimum of four pay periods.

To help determine the amount of your payroll deduction, two charts have been created. In the first chart, you can see the size of your total gift based on various amounts you might contribute during each pay period.

If you already have an idea of the size of the contribution you want to make, the second chart below will help you calculate how much you would need to contribute during each pay period to reach that total.

Give by Credit Card

The MyIU website makes supporting IU Columbus via credit card simple by providing a single place to manage all of your IU Giving. When you create a MyIU account you can:

  • Check out quickly: You have the option to save your credit card information for more convenient transactions. This is not required.
  • Save your favorites: Bookmark your favorite IU Columbus Funds for easy access - and share them with your friends!
  • Make recurring gifts: Sign-in to set up and manage recurring gifts from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Access your giving history: A MyIU account enables you to view your previous gifts, making it easy to find what you have supported in the past.
Credit card gifts are subject to a 2% transaction fee.

Give by Check

To give by check, complete the Campaign Gift Form linked below. Use the "Eligible Funds" button to determine the Dedication ID of the fund(s) you would like to support. 

Please submit your check and completed form to Brittany Gray at the Columbus Learning Center office 2109 or by mail at IU Columbus, Attn: Brittany Gray, 4601 Central Ave., Columbus, IN. 47203.

Still Have Questions?

For additional information or specific questions, please get in touch with Brittany Gray at or 812.348.7216.