Give Access to Your Information

You can control the access to your information

By default, you’re the only one who can see your personal information. You can enable third-party access if you want to let a parent, guardian, or other person:

  • Pay your bill

  • See your financial aid award and summary information

  • Find out about holds on your account

  • See your grades

  • View your unofficial transcript

  • See your class schedule

  • See your final exam schedule

Set up third-party access

To set up third-party access, log into One.IU and go to Set Up 3rd Party Users. Create a unique username and password for each person you want to authorize to see your information, and then choose what information each person can see. You can edit or remove a user’s permission at any time.Make sure you give all authorized users their usernames and passwords so they’re able to log in. But don’t send this information via email—you could expose your personal and financial information to identity thieves or others with bad intentions.Note that you’re giving the user access via One.IU only. This doesn’t allow them to get information via any other method such as phone, email, or in-person visits.


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