Degrees that work

Degrees that Work

Indiana University Columbus offers degrees that are focused on providing students with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to be successful in the career they choose.

With experiential learning opportunities including internships, clinicals, student teaching, research, work-study, and study abroad, students can get hands-on experience outside of the classroom to prepare for the job that awaits after graduation.

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Pre-Professional Study

For students interested in going on to law school or health studies to become a doctor, pharmacist, physician's assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, dentist, or veterinarian, IU Columbus offers undergraduate degree programs to get you on your way.

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B.A. in Biology

Areas of employment:  Healthcare practitioners; Management occupations; Educational instruction Life, physical, and social sciences occupations; Business occupations

With an Indiana University biology degree, you can choose to continue your education by attending graduate school in a number of areas including medicine, or pursue a professional career right out of college.

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B.S. in Business


A business degree from IU Columbus provides you with a well-rounded understanding business practices, plus you can choose one or more concentrations, such as accounting, finance, marketing, or supply chain management that provide deeper knowledge and expertise to help you get a job in the career field you want.

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Communication Studies

B.A. in Communication Studies

Areas of employment: Public Relations; Corporate Communications; Advertising; Human Resources; Web Content Development

Students who graduate with a Communication Studies degree learn critical skills including critical inquiry, problem solving, communication, and relationship building that are applicable across numerous career paths.

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Criminal Justice

B.S. in Criminal Justice

Areas of Employment: local, state or federal law enforcement; corrections; probation or parole; lawyer (law school)

Criminal Justice students learn about law enforcement, the court system, and corrections, as well as many specialized topics, including juvenile justice, substance use, and terrorism. They explore controversial issues related to criminal justice, such as capital punishment, gun control, and police use of force. 

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B.S. in Elementary Education

As a K–6 elementary teacher, you will play a key role in the intellectual and social development of children during a crucial period in their lives. The Indiana University Bachelor of Science (BS) in Elementary Education degree will prepare you for the state licensure exam, and also provide you with the ability to obtain a middle school or secondary education license at a later date.

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B.A. in English

Areas of employment: writers; editors; journalists; teachers; librarians; publicists; web content creators; salespeople; managers

English majors can choose to study writing or literature or both. In addition to continuing on to graduate school, people with English degrees find employment in a number of creative fields, and just about any job that requires writing as a skill.

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B.S. in Nursing

Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care and educate patients and the public about various health conditions. They work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, home healthcare services, and nursing care facilities. Others work in outpatient clinics and schools.

IU Columbus has three programs available including the traditional track for those just entering college, the ASN to BSN track for registered nurses who have attained an Associates Degree, and an accelerated track for students who already have a bachelor's degree in another subject, but want to change their career path to nursing.

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