Communication Studies Minor

How to earn a communication studies minor?

A total of 15 credits are required to earn a communication studies minor at IU Columbus. COMM-G 100, plus 12 elected credit hours from at least two areas within the department curriculum (areas prefixed C, G, M, and R), and at least six credit hours must be 300 level or higher.

Required course

  • COMM-G 100 Introduction to Communication Studies

Communication courses

  • COMM-C 180 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM-C 223 Business & Professional Communication
  • COMM-C 316 Human Communication and the Internet
  • COMM-C 380 Organizational Communication
  • COMM-C 393 Family Communication
  • COMM-C 395 Gender and Communication
  • COMM-C 400 Health Provider-Consumer Communication
  • COMM-C 482 Intercultural Communication
  • COMM-G 201 Introduction to Communication Theory
  • COMM-G 300 Independent Study
  • COMM-G 310 Introduction to Communication Research
  • COMM-G 391 Advanced Topics in Communication Studies
  • COMM-G 491 Internship
  • COMM-M 150 Mass Media and Contemporary Society
  • COMM-R 309 Great Speakers: American Address
  • COMM-R 310 Rhetoric, Society, and Culture
  • COMM-R 321 Persuasion
  • COMM-R 330 Communication Criticism
  • COMM-R 350 American Feminist Rhetoric
  • COMM-R 390 Political Communication

COMM-R 110 does not count toward the communication studies minor.

Note: Other courses may be available to meet this requirement. Check with your academic advisor for more information.

Apply now

To declare a minor in communications studies, please review the course requirements and:

  • Contact Maggie Evans for an application form.
  • The completed application should be submitted when you are enrolled in your final communications studies class but before you graduate.