Your privacy is important.

The Schoellkopf Center is a HIPAA compliant facility which means we ensure that your personal information stays private. Although you must agree to allow video recording and/or observation of all sessions, those recordings are stored securely, and are only accessed by your student therapist and his or her supervisor. Once recordings are reviewed, they are deleted. Session records are also secured using state of the art electronic medical records.

Faculty and student staff abide by the ethical codes of the American Counseling Association and/or American Psychological Association in which client confidentiality and privacy are paramount. Under Indiana law, confidentiality may be required to be broken when:

  • reporting abuse or neglect of minors, the elderly, and grievously disabled adults to state welfare agencies
  • warning individuals or contacting law enforcement when a person has been threatened by a client
  • receiving a court order for client records
  • a client's safety is in jeopardy

In such situations, only the minimal amount of information needed to comply with sate law is released. Confidentiality and its limitations are thoroughly explained to each client during an informed consent process. Individuals willing to receive confidential assistance in a training environment are welcome to request services.

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