What is accounting?

Accounting consists of recording financial transactions for a business. The accounting process includes tracking, summarizing, and reporting accurate business profits.

Within accounting, students learn to prepare financial statements, report on business assets, liabilities, and operating expenses and explore the economic and managerial perspectives on the relationships between business activity, economic outcomes, and positive and negative evaluations of performance. The accounting concentration curriculum provides an excellent background to become a certified public accountant (CPA).

*Data obtained from ONet Online as of 2021

How do you earn a degree in accounting?

To earn an Indiana University Bachelor of Science in Business with an accounting concentration, you will complete 120 credit hours of coursework. Most courses are 3 credit hours each but some vary. Of the total credit hours for the accounting concentration, 36 come from general education courses, 39 from core business courses, 27 are elective credit hours, and 18 are from upper level accounting courses.

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