Special Education

How do you earn a degree in education?

To earn an IU Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in special education, you will complete 126 credit hours. Of those credit hours, 60 are general education credit hours, 48 are professional course work/field experience credit hours, and 18 credit hours are in special education coursework.

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Academic advising

As an education student at IU Columbus, you'll work closely with your academic advisor to prepare for admission into the Teacher Education Program. You and your advisor will also track your progress to ensure you are on the right track for graduation and licensure exams.

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Program admission requirements

Before you can begin your student teaching, you must apply for admission into the Teacher Education Program (TEP) at IU Columbus. You'll work with your academic advisor to finish the required general education courses and meet the eligibility criteria.

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Student teaching

As a culminating experience, our Teacher Education Program (TEP) will place you in an K-6 elementary education classroom, where you will be able to both observe and practice the art of teaching in an actual classroom.

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Prepare for licensure

During your final four semesters you will begin taking your licensure exams so that you will be prepared to pursue professional licensure upon receiving a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in education.

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